SupplementaryPositionalDescription (lane, carriageway…)

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This section describes the “SupplementaryPositionalDescription”.

Supplementary positional information may be added to a road network element for describing the road, or transversal position of the element to be located on the road.

Therefore, the following elements may be defined:

  • the main direction purpose of the road at the location;

  • the geographic descriptor which identifies a geographic characteristic to help identify the specific location;

  • the infrastructure descriptor which identifies infrastructure to help identify the specific location;

  • the length (measured in metres) of carriageway (and lanes) affected by the associated traffic element;

  • the location description which is a supplementary human-readable description of the location;

  • the location precision which indicates that the location is given with a precision which is better than the stated value in metres;

  • the relative position across carriageway;

  • the sequential number of an exit/entrance ramp from a given location in a given direction (normally used to indicate a specific exit/entrance in a complex junction/intersection).

Besides it may be completed by transverse information:

  • on the road: name, number, or destination;

  • on the exact carriageway(s), with for each the corresponding lane(s) and the affected length;

  • on the concerned area (see package “NamedArea”).

The following table gives indications on the contents of the various common attributes used by the classes related to the “SupplementaryPositionalDescription” package.