DATEX II version 3 documentation portal

Welcome to the DATEX II documentation portal. All available technical DATEX II documentation is published on this portal. For the convenience of the different kind of users the documentation is categorized in three support levels. Every level of support gives tailored information on the specific level.

Basics of DATEX II Using DATEX II Mastering DATEX II DATEX II Expert


The basic level of support is tailored for peope who are interested in using DATEX II but want to get to know the basics.


The first level of support is tailored for basic users using standard case driven profiles.

Mastering DATEX II:

The second level of support is meant for more experienced users using prepackages.


The third level of support is the expert level. The expert user is able to assemble own profiles.

The tailored information on each level can be consulted by clicking the table of contents on the left side of this page. Standard DATEX II Profiles can be found under the Reference Profiles section on left side of this page.

Below you can find the different subjects that might appeal your function and level.

Basics General Structure Governance Background Introduction Exchange Introduction Content Getting Started Profiling Basics Content Models Extending DATEX II Basics Applying Exchange Modelers corner Extending Exchange Extending DATEX II Expert Packaging Developers corner


When using DATEX II to exchange privacy affected data, take the appropriate actions to comply to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union.