Exchange 2020 Downloads

The DATEX II Exchange Platform Specific Model (Exchange PSM) has been updated with the release of Exchange 2020.

Basic Exchange 2020 Data Model

Below you can the WSDL and XSD for the different Exchange Patterns

Exchange Pattern


Profiled XSD

Information Delivery

Full Exchange

Full Exchange WSDL

General XSD

Snapshot Pull

Snapshot Pull WSDL

Snapshot Pull xsd

Snapshot Push

Snapshot Push WSDL

Snapshot Push xsd

Simple Push

Simple Push WSDL

Simple Push xsd

Stateful Push

Stateful Push WSDL

Stateful Push xsd


General CIS

General XSD for CIS

Simple CIS


Simple CIS xsd

Stateful CIS

Stateful CIS WSDL

Stateful CIS xsd


  • in the single implementation profiled or general xsd can be used

  • profiled xsd reduce the information managed

  • to bind the services use of the general XSD could be preferrable