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XML schemas

Today there is a growing market and use of XML for information exchange. A fundamental part of this approach are the XML Schemas. Based on a data model and a data dictionary, the XML Schema are designed to fit a certain area of applications. The schemas are the tool to understand the content of the exchanged data. A conversion tool has been developed to convert the UML DATEX II data model into a set of XML schemas. The UML model is first exported from the UML modelling tool into an XMI file which the conversion tool then converts to a set of XML schemas. The XML schemas are used for development of real exchanges, by software developers . XMI (XML Metadata Interchange) is an OMG standard for exchanging metadata information via XML. It can be used for any metadata whose metamodel can be expressed in MOF (Meta-Object Facility). The most common use of XMI is as an interchange format for UML models, although it can also be used for serialization of models of other languages (metamodels). The following figure shows the workflow for an automated conversion process.


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